Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bistro Moulin; Monterey, USA

During my recent USA trip, I spent a long weekend in Monterey. Since I was a total noob to the area, I looked up Yelp to find restaurants. Bistro Moulin was top-rated, so we wandered down some dark streets to find the little restaurant, tucked far away from the tourist hot-spots.

Bistro Moulin is a tiny little restaurant, specialising in European Cuisine. They have a small, but creative, menu, with a longer wine-list than menu selection. The vegetarian selection was extremely limited - lucky for me the dishes were fantastic.

It's like being in Paris again!

The small but interesting menu.

Where wine corks go to die.

We ordered a local wine - a Riesling from Scheid Vineyards, Monterey.

Supporting local industry ;)

Complimentary bread. So delish I wanted more.

Betteraves Roties ~ roasted beets, mache salad, goat cheese & candied walnuts.

The Betteraves Roties was a fantastic salad - light and fresh.

Fresh fish of the day.

Gnocchi con Spinaci~ spinach gnocchi au gratin.

The gnocci was divine. Light, fluffy, and covered in thick cheese. I could have eaten double the amount - and possibly made myself ill.

Fresh berries and cream.

The berries ... ahhhh fresh berries are so much better in the US and Europe. 

Chocolate tart. 

The tart was so rich I only finished half of it. It made me sick to the stomach to leave behind such a tasty tart.

I can't recommend Bistro Moulin highly enough. It more than lived up to the Yelp recommendation.

Bistro Moulin
867 Wave St
Monterey, CA, USA