Thursday, October 21, 2010

Brunch at Di Bella; North Melbourne

While in Melbourne, we took the opportunity to meet with a friend who lived locally. She recommended we have brunch at her favourite cafe, Di Bella, in North Melbourne.

Lucky we had her advice, or we wouldn't have noticed this awesome little cafe. The cafe is also the roasting house for the Di Bella coffee beans. Inside you can see the beans being roasted and on their way to becoming your next beverage.

Inconspicuous front.

While dining with locals, I like to adopt their customs. My friend and her boyfriend's breakfast custom is to order brekkie and a slice of cake at the same time. They eat the cake while waiting for breakfast to arrive. Unorthodox, but worth a try!


Some kind of blueberry slice.

An unidentifiable pastry ... cherry perhaps?

Pear and chocolate scroll - super tasty!

My actual breakfast - muesli with strawberry yoghurt. The muesli was amazing - full of grains and nuts.


Eggs benedict.


Many kinds of beans!

Visit Di Bella for an authentic local breakfast. Do the double breakfast like we did, it's worth the taut stomach afterwards.

Di Bella Roasting Warehouse
19 - 21 Leveson St
North Melbourne

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