Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Good Food & Wine Show 2010; Darling Harbour

It doesn't seem like a year has passed since I last battled crowds to get the best freebies on offer at the Sydney Good Food & Wine Show. We arrived at 9:45 and when the doors opened at 10am we had a pleasant stroll around the floor before the hordes arrived.

This year we started out with a cheese masterclass held by Cheese Matters.

We started with the squishy cheeses - Persian feta, brie, Camembert.

Moving on to cheddar, parmesan and a nutty Swiss.

Last was the washed rind and blue cheeses. Blue = still not for me!

Persian feta - so tasty

Giant wheel of Camembert.

Brie - great with grapes.

Surprise Bay cheddar on apple with quince paste. Amazing. I had about four of these alone.

Parmesan on pear.

Washed rind with apricot.

We had matching wines - my favourite was this Preece Moscato. It's also the reason why I spent the rest of the show totally buzzed.

Up close - pretty patterns.

Difficulty maintaining structural integrity.

Sensational blueberries.

I bought a kilo of this amazing museli for a friend who is gluten intolerant.

I took home a Blood Orange oil - great for cooking into chocolate cake apparently.

Because I hadn't had enough cheese already ... the Cheese Matters stand.

I had this mousse last year too - so delicious from Sabor Portuguese Mousse.

Chocolate from Josophan's in the Blue Mountains. SO delicious.

Wine from Tempus Two. Again, what I surely needed was more wine.

Suckfizzle wine - delicious!

Love this display from Ernest Hillier's.

Watching Pete Evans cook the perfect pizza.

Chocolate frogs from Adora.

My stash.

There is a lot of talk over which is the better food event, this or the Taste of Sydney. I much prefer the GF&WS purely because the Tasty of Sydney had NO vegetarian food whatsoever, and I left hungry. In contrast, there was stacks of vegetarian food here for me to sample, and I left stuffed and satisfied. Mission accomplished.


  1. great recap. i think i might go again next year although i wish it was cheaper to get in :-)

  2. ooh the cheese masterclass looks awesome! so many tasty samples!

  3. @ Simon - me too, it was really pricey when we added in the cheese tasting, even with the slight discount I received from Make-a-Wish foundation.

    @ Suze - they were very generous amount of cheese and wine too - I highly recommend checking out any classes they hold.

  4. Bummed I missed out - the cheese class looks so good, so many smelly oozy cheeses. It took me a long time to come around to blue cheeses, but I'm there now. Oh yes.

  5. Omigod. Loving the echidna profile photo. Too cute.

  6. @Forager - how did you do it? Blue and I are not friends. I love the echidna - how on earth it was taken I don't know.