Thursday, January 28, 2010

3 Steps Cafe; Bondi

Australia Day was spent this year with the husband's uncle, whose birthday co-incides with this auspicious occasion. We suggested lunch at one of his local haunts, the 3 Steps Cafe in Bondi. What I love about this cafe: it's run by super-friendly staff, has all-day breakfast (woot!!) and it's really cheap. You can get a huge plate of food for under $10.

It looks like a takeaway joint from the street ...

But the inside is more cafe-like, with soccer jerseys all over the walls.


They have no printed menus here - just giant ones printed on the wall. As you can see, a huge selection of breakfast food.


It's over 40 degrees and I'm melting, so I go with a Cascade Apple Isle to cool down. Love these things. They're like crack.


And on to the food. It arrives super swiftly, and the staff are happy to customise orders. My "blunch" (what the husband calls breakfast-for-lunch) is GIANT but I'm so hungry I scoff it all down.

Poached eggs, mushrooms, toast, hash brown, tomatoes and baked beans.

The husband has bacon with his - worth the photo to show off the slab of scrambled eggs he receives. It looks weird but tastes pretty good.

Bacon, tomato, scrambled eggs, mushrooms, toast.

Because the uncle is a regular, we score a complimentary plate of baklava. Sweet! I love this stuff.


This place is a favourite because it's off the main road, so parking is much easier, and the staff are so super friendly we always feel welcome - unlike in some of the more up-market places closer to the beach. It's also close to my favourite bagel store, Glicks, which is where we went after wards to stock up on bagels. Oh, and did I mention it was super cheap? Love value for money in Sydney.

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